Top Picks: A Guide to the Best Contact Lenses of 2021

Eyes, as beautiful and complex as galaxies, allow us to become astronauts navigating the world around us. But sometimes, these biological telescopes need a little help focusing on the breathtaking panorama we call ‘reality’. Whether it’s a simple aid to sharpen the blurry edges of daily life or a tool to splash vibrant colors into your windows to the soul, contact lenses have revolutionized the way we see the world. In this blog post, we’re taking a closer look at some remarkable products from the universe of contact lenses that not only clear our sight but also add an extra layer of charm to our eyes. So, buckle up as we zoom into the astonishing cosmos of these tiny optical wonders.

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OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool. It Will Help Pinch The Soft Lens. This is not a Suction Cup for Soft Lens Removal

Top Picks: A Guide to the Best Contact Lenses of 2021

The OptiWand is a unique tool designed specifically for the insertion and removal of soft contact lenses. Despite not being a suction device, this handy tool proves equally useful, if not more so, due to its ability to “pinch” the lens with its soft, pliable ends. This design aspect is critical because soft lenses cannot be effectively suctioned out due to their unique composition. The design also allows for easy lens alignment, with users being instructed to look at the colored wand or contact lens to position the lens correctly. Following successful placement on the cornea, a gentle twist of the wand releases the lens from the tool.

Although the device is packed with advantages, it comes with its share of challenges. One significant con is that the insertion process must be completed quickly to prevent the lens from sticking to the wand. Moreover, the device tends to require a bit more practice, patience, and user competence than fingers due to its unique nature. On the brighter side, with proper understanding and correct usage, nearly all users can avoid these common mistakes. Additionally, a few tricks can make the process easier.

  • Using extra lubrication aids in easier lens transfer.
  • Adding drops between the lens and the wand prevents the lens from sticking to the wand.
  • Applying eye drops prior to insertion can ease the process, providing a comfortable experience.

Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution with Lens Case, Twin Pack,12 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

Top Picks: A Guide to the Best Contact Lenses of 2021
Product Highlights:

  • Recognized as the #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution on the market, this solution is ideal for daily cleaning and disinfecting of contact lenses, ensuring your eyes remain safe and free from infection.
  • The unique Triple Action Cleaning formula penetrates the lens for a deep clean, and the bubbling action effortlessly removes protein deposits and other foreign materials. For optimal results, allow your lenses to soak for at least 6 hours, or overnight.
  • The included lens case features a platinum disc that activates the solution’s gentle, bubbling action and neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide into a harmless saline solution, completely similar to natural tears.
  • This is a preservative-free solution, which translates into zero chemicals touching your eyes and triggering irritation. The lenses can be stored in an unopened case for up to 7 days. Both soft and rigid (RGP) lenses can be treated with this solution.


  • Remember to discard the old solution before reusing the lens case, and ensure that all excess solution is completely eliminated from the case after each cleaning cycle.
  • Never use the solution directly in or around eyes, and ensure to follow the provided instructions closely – skipping any step can result in discomfort.
  • Reusing the solution is not recommended, as its disinfecting power diminishes after the initial use.

ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 10 oz (Pack of 2)

Top Picks: A Guide to the Best Contact Lenses of 2021

Created by Johnson & Johnson, an industry-renowned name in health care, this bundle of two 10-oz bottles of disinfecting solution presents a new addition to the ACUVUE family. Noted for its revolutionary formula, this solution stands out with its peroxide-like disinfecting ability coupled with the convenience of a multi-purpose solution. It guarantees all-day comfort for your eyes without comprising cleanliness. In fact, almost 94% of users found this unique solution effective in maintaining their contact lenses in immaculate condition.

Pros of the Solution:

  • An effective cleaning agent that makes contact lenses feel clean and fresh.
  • Combines the power of a peroxide solution with the simplicity of a multi-purpose solution.
  • Almost 94% of users affirm its efficacy.
  • Provided by Johnson & Johnson, a reputed manufacturer.
  • Pack of two 10 oz bottles, ensuring ample supply.

However, it’s important to consider the flip side too.
Cons of the Solution:

  • It might not be suitable for everyone to switch from a simple saline solution to a disinfecting one.
  • This is still a relatively new product – launched in August 2019 – so long-term reviews and feedback are still forthcoming.

This product, with its undeniable merits and negligible demerits, aims to redefine your contact lens experience.

Contact Lens Cleaner, Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine with USB Charger for Soft Lens, Colored Contact Lens, Hard Lens, RGP Lens and OK Lens (Blue)

Top Picks: A Guide to the Best Contact Lenses of 2021
Product Key Features

This ultrasonic lens cleaning machine is built for convenience and functionality. It’s lightweight and portable, fitting easily into a pocket or handbag for on-the-go use. Its compact size of 3.4×3.5×1.3 inches makes it travel-friendly and versatile allowing you to maintain lens hygiene wherever you are. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, boasting a one-button start function for a cleaning process of either 3 or 5 minutes. The machine also has an automatic shutdown feature post-cleaning for added convenience.

The cleaner is also rechargeable, with a USB cable that is compatible with a wide range of chargers. A single charging session lasting roughly 1 hour can sustain the cleaner’s operation for nearly two months. Additionally, the cleaning machine possesses an individual and rustless design, featuring a 2 in 1 cleaning and storage case made of polymer material that effectively counters rusting. The removable design of the machine’s lens soaking box also enhances hygienic standards and simplifies the replacement process. The machine comes accompanied by various accessories including a mirror, a contact lens case, an English manual, a USB cable, plastic tweezers, a remover stick, and three additional solution containers for replacement.

Pros and Cons

One of the standout benefits of this ultrasonic lens cleaner is the high-frequency ultrasonic sound wave technology it employs. This results in reduced audible sound while ensuring effective removal of tear protein deposits from the lens without needing to soak overnight. The lens cleaner successfully accomplishes deep cleaning from every angle.

However, the lens cleaner isn’t without its disadvantages. While the lightweight design makes it ideal for portability, it also provides less stability making it more susceptible to toppling over. Furthermore, the minimalist design might come at the cost of durability, potentially making it less resilient to wear and tear over time. Also, the inclusion of numerous accessories, while helpful, might also complicate the use and maintenance of the product for some users.


Q: What makes OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool a worthy purchase?
A: The OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool is designed to aid in putting on and removing soft contact lenses. It considerably reduces any chances of irritation, discomfort, or damage to the lenses. Its standout feature is that it pinches the lenses instead of functioning as a suction cup, which offers a higher level of control during the insertion and removal process.

Q: What makes the Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution stand out from its competitors?
A: The Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution comes with a lens case and a twin pack of 12 Fl Oz. This hydrogen peroxide-based solution ensures deep and thorough cleaning and is suitable for all types of contact lenses. With its bubbling action, it effectively removes protein and film from lenses. Another major plus is the special lens case that neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide, making the lenses safe to wear.

Q: Is the ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution compatible with all types of lenses?
A: Yes, the ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, in the pack size of 10 oz and a pack of 2, is a versatile contact lens solution that is suitable for all types of contact lenses, including silicon hydrogel lenses. It efficiently disinfects, cleans, rinses, and stores lenses ensuring maximum comfort and hygiene.

Q: How is the Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine unique?
A: The Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine, available with a USB charger is one-of-a-kind. It uses high-frequency vibration technology to clean lenses thoroughly within just a few minutes. This cleaner is compatible with not just soft and colored lenses but also hard lenses, RGP lenses and Ortho-K lenses. The machine is characterized by its high portability, which is an added advantage for users on the go.

Q: Can we use both the Clear Care Cleaning solution and ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution for cleaning the same lens?
A: Yes, you can, but not simultaneously. Both solutions aim to provide effective cleaning and disinfection for lenses, but their compositions are different. Ensure to properly rinse the lenses when switching between solutions to avoid possible allergic reactions. Always take your optometrist’s expert advice before deciding on a lens cleaner.

Achieve New Heights

And there we have it – a comprehensive look at our top pick contact lenses along with essential care tools and solutions for optimal eye health this 2021! From a handy tool making insertion and removal a breeze, to advanced disinfecting solutions and even a revolutionary ultrasonic lens cleaner… Why simply meet the world gaze for gaze when you can do it in incredible comfort and clarity? Remember, your vision provides more than just sight. It paints the reality from your unique viewpoint. Always choose products that give your eyes the premium care they deserve! Happy Seeing, folks!