Spotlight on Vision: Top Contact Lens Choices for 2022

Welcome, visionaries! Prepare ‍your peepers, because today, we’re about⁣ to⁣ dive into the clear and comfortable waters of the fascinating world of ⁤contact lenses. From the clinical miracles of age-defying bifocals to⁤ the aesthetic beauty of color-changing lenses,‌ your path to perfect vision is about to become as easy as a blink! Are you a glamor-eyed shapeshifter or an incognito visionary? ⁢Whichever route you choose, we ​have got your eyes covered. So, fasten your seatbelts ⁢and get ready for a stunning journey into the universe of optical clarity!

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renu Contact Lens Solution, Multi-Purpose Disinfectant, Advanced Formula Kills‍ 99.9% of Germs, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2), Includes 2 Fl Oz Travel Size

Spotlight on ‌Vision: Top ⁤Contact Lens ⁢Choices ‌for 2022

The Renu advanced formula is ‌a ‍revolution in contact lens care. ​A triple disinfecting solution‌ that guarantees ‍to eliminate 99.9% of germs⁢ in just 4 hours. This⁤ solution also hydrates your lenses, providing all-day comfort. Moreover, this solution is suitable for daily use – to clean your⁣ lenses, keep ‍them safely stored in a contact lens case when not in use, or​ to disinfect and rinse your lenses. Adding to its benefits, it simplifies your lens‍ care routine with an easy-to-apply ‍process keeping your lenses clean ​and ⁤comfortable.

On the flip side,⁣ while the advanced Renu ⁢formula is a fantastic solution, it ​does replace both Renu Fresh & Renu Sensitive. This may⁤ be a downside ​for ⁢users who prefer having separate ‌solutions for different ⁣needs. Also, prospective buyers⁣ must​ be⁢ aware that they need to check the package for the exact ingredients used in the formula. Finally, while the main‌ product ‍comes in a generous size of 16 Fl​ Oz, the pack includes a ​travel size‍ of 2 Fl⁢ Oz, which may not be sufficient for prolonged ​travel periods. Rightly so, these minor drawbacks ‌don’t​ undermine the fact that​ Bausch‌ + Lomb offer a solution that truly goes beyond just cleaning.

Biotrue Hydration Plus⁤ Contact Lens Solution,‍ Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses, ‌Lens Case Included, 10 FL OZ

Spotlight⁣ on Vision: Top Contact Lens ‍Choices for 2022


  • Biotrue Hydration Plus ‌Multi-Purpose Solution is recommended by eye care ⁣professionals, ⁣ensuring its quality and‍ effectiveness.
  • It provides stellar cleaning and disinfecting properties, removing dirt and dissolving protein for clean and clear ​lenses.
  • The solution ensures hydrated contacts, providing⁢ up to 20 hours ⁢of moisture and all-day comfort.
  • Unlike the⁢ original⁣ Biotrue‍ Multi-Purpose Solution, this product keeps MORE MOISTURE on the ​contacts for up to 12 hours, giving a ⁤commendable performance in long-lasting hydration.
  • Its naturally inspired properties include⁢ 25% more hyaluronan⁤ (HA, a moisturizer naturally found in tears) than its predecessor, helping to improve comfort⁢ and wearability.
  • Biotrue Hydration Plus also comprises an ⁢antioxidant that protects ⁤HA against potential damaging free radicals and potassium, an electrolyte naturally found in tears.
  • It is also designed to match the pH of⁤ healthy tears, contributing⁣ to the comfortable ⁣fit when wearing contacts.
  • This multi-purpose solution can be‌ used not only for⁢ cleaning and disinfecting, but also for storing contacts in a lens case when ‌not in use or rinsing before wear.
  • Suitable‍ for soft contact ⁣lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses, giving a⁢ wide range of applicability.


  • Despite ⁤its​ superior features, it ⁣may not be suitable for everyone. People⁤ with sensitive eyes should consult their eye care professional before using the‌ product.
  • Also, the pH matching ‍feature might not provide the ⁣same level ⁣of comfort for everyone as individual’s tear pH may vary.
  • The efficacy of ⁤20 hours of moisture might decline with the age ⁤of the lens and‍ other ‍environmental​ factors.
  • Though it contains 25% more HA than the‌ original Biotrue, some users ‍might not notice a significant difference compared to ⁢the original, diminishing the ‍perceived added benefit.

Biotrue Contact Lens⁤ Solution, ‌Multi-Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses, Lens Case Included,‌ 10 FL OZ ⁢(Pack of 2)

Spotlight on‌ Vision: Top Contact⁢ Lens Choices for ⁣2022
Experience crystal-clear vision and comfort like never before​ with this top-recommended, multi-purpose solution formulated by the eye care experts of⁢ Bausch + Lomb. Biotrue provides exceptional cleaning and disinfection ⁢by effectively removing⁤ dirt ⁤and protein build-up, ensuring that your lenses are ​always clean and clear. Simultaneously, its dual disinfectant system guarantees optimal disinfection performance. One of the major pros of this solution includes its ability‌ to provide up to 20 hours ‍of moisturisation, reducing the discomfort ⁣caused by dryness and extended screen use.

Furthermore, Biotrue stands out with its naturally-inspired features. This includes Hyaluronan (HA), a moisturiser found naturally in tears, and a pH level that matches that​ of healthy ​tears; both contributing to making your lenses comfortable as​ you⁣ put them in. The versatility of the solution is evident as‍ it can be‌ used to store, ⁣clean, and‌ disinfect contacts in a lens case when not in use, and even to rinse contacts before wearing them.‍ However, one must bear in mind that it⁤ is specifically designed for soft contact lenses, including ‌silicone ‍hydrogel lenses.‌ Certain cons to​ consider include a possible discomfort or allergy due to specific ingredients, to some users,⁢ and its limitation to use with soft contact lenses only. Despite these, Biotrue is highly recommended by eye care professionals, a testament to its ‍benefits.


Q: What are some popular contact lens solutions for 2022?

A: The year 2022⁣ brings a new focus on eye health and the use of⁢ high-quality contact lens solutions. Some⁢ of the top choices include⁣ ‘renu Contact Lens Solution’, and the ‘Biotrue Hydration Plus Contact Lens Solution’ and the ‘Biotrue Contact⁤ Lens ​Solution’.

Q: Tell me more about the renu⁣ Contact Lens ⁣Solution.

A: The renu Contact Lens Solution​ is a multi-purpose disinfectant solution that boasts of its advanced ⁢formula, which can effectively kill 99.9% of germs. It’s available in a pack of two 16 Fl⁣ Oz bottles, accompanied by 2 Fl Oz travel ‌size, ideal‌ for those who ⁢are always on the go.

Q: What is so special about the⁤ Biotrue Hydration Plus ⁣Contact Lens‌ Solution?

A: This solution is designed specifically for soft contact ⁤lenses. It offers a plus point of‍ added hydration while cleaning and disinfecting your ⁢lenses. This 10 FL OZ pack⁣ also includes‌ a lens case making it a convenient choice for users.

Q: How does the Biotrue Contact Lens Solution differ from the Biotrue Hydration Plus?

A:⁢ Both solutions are excellent for soft ​contact ‍lenses,​ but the Biotrue Contact Lens Solution does‌ not emphasize additional hydration. Both clean⁢ and disinfect with high efficacy, still the key differentiator is ⁤that Biotrue ⁣Contact Lens⁢ Solution is available in a pack ⁤of⁤ two 10 ‍Fl Oz bottles.

Q: Which one should I opt for between ⁢the renu⁢ and Biotrue solutions?

A: It ⁤mainly depends on your specific needs. If you wear soft contact lenses and need extra⁢ hydration, the ‌Biotrue Hydration Plus Contact Lens⁣ Solution ⁤could be an excellent choice. ⁣However, ‌if you are looking ‍for a high-performing disinfectant with a travel-friendly option, ​the renu Contact Lens Solution might be a‌ better fit.

Q: Are all⁢ of these solutions easy to use?

A: ​Yes. All ⁣of them come with a lens case, so they are ⁢ready to use right out of the box. Note that it’s always important to ⁣follow the instructions⁤ on the packaging for best results​ and to ‌ensure ⁢your contacts are properly ‍cleaned and ⁣disinfected.⁤

Q: Are these solutions ‍suitable for all types of contact lenses?

A: While the Biotrue solutions are aimed specifically for soft contact ‌lenses, the ⁤renu solution can be used for a ⁤variety of contact lenses. However, it’s always wise to consult with your ‍optometrist before choosing any ‍solution.

Q: Do all of these solutions offer a travel-friendly option?

A: Only the renu Contact Lens Solution comes with a travel-friendly pack among these three. The compact 2 Fl Oz ‌size is a bonus ‌for those who need to carry their ⁤solution while⁢ on ​the road.

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And‌ with that,⁣ we draw ‍the curtains on our ‘Spotlight on Vision: Top Contact Lens Choices for 2022’. From Renu’s ⁣advanced germ-killing efficiency, ​to Biotrue’s diverse range of multi-purpose solutions that⁢ emphasize comfort and hydration, these options promise to be ⁤more than ⁣mere vision⁤ correctors—they are faithful allies ⁣in maintaining ocular health. So go ahead, give your eyes the care they deserve, and step bravely ahead into clear, unobstructed vistas of the future. Remember, the world looks brighter from behind a healthy‍ pair of ​eyes.⁤ Till ⁢our next exploration in the wonders of vision,‌ stay seeing, stay gleaming!