Clear Vision: Top Contact Lenses Worth Trying in 2022

Welcome, dear dreamers and vision buffs, to a new teleporting journey! Today, we’ll be swimming deep into the blue ocean of clarity, where the beings are flaunting an accessory more vital than Gucci belts or Prada bags. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We’re diving into the beguiling world of ‘Contact Lenses’. We’re about to unveil a treasure trove of products that aren’t just crystal clear vision providers, but are also dazzling statements of style and comfort. Buckle up, as we navigate through this coruscating sea of affinity, to find the portals that will allow you to see the world uninterrupted, in all its jaw-dropping beauty!

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ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 10 oz (Pack of 2)

Clear Vision: Top Contact Lenses Worth Trying in 2022
Introducing a trusted addition to the ACUVUE® Family: a multi-purpose disinfection solution that brings the impeccable disinfection power of peroxide minus the complexity that often comes bundled with it. With this exceptional solution, your contact lens care routine is a breeze. You get the convenience of an advanced multi-purpose solution with superior effects, making it the perfect companion for a comfort-filled day. An impressive 94% of users found it greatly effective in keeping their eye accessories feeling squeaky clean.


  • Part of the ACUVUE® Family, guaranteeing a trusted lineage of quality eye products
  • Peroxide-level disinfection power for thorough cleaning and sterilization
  • Simple to use, making lens-care routines uncomplicated and quick
  • Keeps contact lenses feeling fresh and clean, delivering a comfortable all-day experience

However, this product does have its limitations.

  • Despite the product debut in August 2019, it is relatively new to the market, potential users may not be familiar with it.
  • Coming from the house of Johnson & Johnson, the cost may be slightly higher compared to unknown brands.

Contact Lens Cleaner Machine, Blumway Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner with USB Charger, Small & Portable, Fit Disposal Soft Lens, Hard Lens, Contact Lens, Colored Lens, RGP Lens & OK Lens

Clear Vision: Top Contact Lenses Worth Trying in 2022

This ultrasonic contact lens cleaner from Blumway presents a user-friendly design. Equipped with internal grooves divided into two independent parts, it effectively prevents cross-contamination. The grooves are crafted out of stainless steel – perfect for oxidation prevention and ensuring the device stays bright and clean. To top it all off, the unit operates on rechargeable batteries that can be easily powered up via USB. From laptops to PCs to portable power sources – there are myriad charging options. Moreover, once fully charged, the device can power through nearly a month. When the cleaning mode is on, a green/red light will be indicated after 2/5 minutes.

The Blumway ultrasonic cleaner is a breeze to use. Doing away with manual washing, it not only saves time and energy but also ensures there’s no risk of losing or scratching your lenses during the cleaning process. With its adoption of high-frequency ultrasonic technology (over 20000 HZ), the cleaner noticeably outperforms manual cleaning – effectively removing stains in a short time without damaging the lenses. Discrete, lightweight, and easily portable, the device is ideal for on-the-go use. It accommodates a variety of contact lens types including colored lenses, soft and hard lenses, cosmetic contact lenses, RGP lenses, and OK lenses.


  • Portable: Its small, lightweight design makes it ideal for travel.
  • User-friendly: You don’t need to manually clean your lenses, saving time and effort.
  • USB Charging: Convenient charging through a USB cable, it can be powered by various devices such as laptops and portable power stations.
  • Effective cleaning: The use of high-frequency ultrasonic technology ensures comprehensive and gentle cleaning.


  • The instructions recommend using a specific cleaning solution for better cleaning which could be an extra cost for users.
  • The cleaning time would vary based on the lens material and the amount of dirt on the lenses and this might be confusing for some users.

Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases Cute Screw Top Travel Storage, Colorful Contact Lens Box Left/Right Eyes Holder Container, Outdoor Mini Contact Lens Storage case, 3 Cases Of The Same Style Per Order

Clear Vision: Top Contact Lenses Worth Trying in 2022
Pros of Using Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases:

  • Unique and Appealing Design: These lens cases are crafted with an intricate design that is not only eye-catching but also loved by children. They add a touch of fun to your travel accessories and are available in various designs including Christmas Holidays, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Bee, Smiley Face, and Heart.
  • Portable and Easy to Use: Compact in size, these contact lens cases are easy to carry on all your journeys, making them ideal for personal and professional use. They make the storage of your contacts easy and hassle-free, ensuring a safe place for your contacts every single day.
  • Bundle of 3 Cases: With each order, you get 3 cases of the same design, adding convenience to your contact lens care routine. They offer a secure place to safely store your contacts, away from allergens and other contamination sources.
  • Flat and Stable Design: The flat design of these cases ensures your lens solution remains steady and fully covers your lenses. It provides more storage space and is designed to keep your contacts safe and retain visibility clarity.

Cons of Using Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases:

  • Same Design Bundle: While you receive three cases in one order, all cases come with the same design. If you are someone who enjoys variety and change, this may not appeal to you.
  • Flat Design: The flat design, while providing stability and more storage for lens solution, might not be suitable for all users. If you prefer deeper, rounded cases for your contacts, this design may fail to meet your expectations.

Copkim 3 Pcs Daily Contact Lens Organizer Contact Lens Case, Daily Contact Lens Dispenser Contact Lens Holder Contact Lens Storage Box for Daily Colored Contact Lenses, Home, Large Capacity

Clear Vision: Top Contact Lenses Worth Trying in 2022
Featuring a delightful pink color, this contact lens organizer adds a refreshing touch to your commodities. It manages to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, making it a charming addition to your wardrobe or vanity. Each set consists of three storage cases, ensuring that storage will always be available when you need it. Notably, the organizer measures approximately 28.6 x 9.9 x 7.5 cm, providing ample space for secure storage. Each box has eight partitions, and every partition can contain roughly ten pieces of color contact lenses. This design is not only compact but also highly efficient.

One significant advantage of the storage set is its large capacity. With every set accommodating about 240 pieces of color contact lenses, these cases can cover your needs for up to four months, reducing the need to continually refill. Apart from serving its primary function, this contact lens dispenser creates a tidy, orderly, and visually pleasing environment thanks to its separate partitions for different styles. Its usefulness extends to holding assorted tiny items as well, making it an excellent choice for storing data cables, hair ties, necklaces, rings, and other small accessories. Crafted from PP and ABS material, this set of three contact lens boxes is designed for strength and durability. Thanks to its dustproof and wet-proof lid, it helps protect your contact lenses from harmful elements, ensuring they stay clean and ready to use whenever needed. Be warned that slight errors in size may occur due to manual measurements, and the actual color may vary slightly due to different screen displays.


Q: What makes the ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution a good investment for contact lens wearers?
A: ACUVUE RevitaLens offers a deep and thorough cleaning by removing deposits and traces of makeup. Coming in a pack of two 10 oz bottles, it’s not just about the quantity; it’s a high-quality solution that is well worth trying over other off-brand solutions.

Q: What advantages does the Contact Lens Cleaner Machine by Blumway offer to contact lens users?
A: With its advanced ultrasonic technology, the Blumway Cleaner ensures an effective and thorough cleaning experience. It’s especially great for users who are always on the go due to its small and portable design. Plus, its USB charger offers convenient charging, eliminating the need for batteries.

Q: How do the Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases X3 enhance the contact lens experience for the users?
A: These contact lens cases, with their vibrant, seasonal designs, offer a fun and refreshing look for your lens storage. They are also very practical with a screw-top design that prevents leakage. Besides, each order includes three cases, providing a backup if one gets lost.

Q: What features of the Daily Contact Lens Organizer by Copkim distinguish it from other contact lens cases?
A: The Copkim Organizer stands out for its unique daily dispenser design that helps you manage your daily contact lenses better. Not only does it provide safe storage, but it also has large capacity compartments for those who have different types of colored contact lenses. It’s a great tool to keep your lenses in order.

Q: Are all of these products suitable for different types of contact lenses?
A: Yes, indeed. Whether they’re hard lenses, soft lenses, colored lenses, RGP, or OK lenses, these products are created to cater to all of them. Always check the product description just to ensure compatibility with your kind of contact lens, but generally these options should work for most lens wearers.

Q: Are these products travel friendly?
A: Absolutely! Most of these products, especially the Blumway Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner and the Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases, are designed to be portable and easily stowed in a handbag or carry-on. They’re intended for the active and travel-loving contact lens wearers.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

So there it is, a comprehensive outline of some of the top-of-the-line contact lens options that boast not just function but also style and convenience. We looked at various products, from the ACUVUE RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 10 oz (Pack of 2), which promises optimal lens cleanliness and comfort, to the innovative Blumway Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner that takes device-operated lens cleaning to a whole new level. And how can we forget the dash of color and fun offered by Seasonal Fun Contact Lens Cases and the practicality and capacity of the Copkim 3-Pcs Daily Contact Lens Organizer? Remember, your eyewear goes beyond correcting vision – it’s about comfort, ease, and even style. So, whether you’re new to the contact lens game or looking to upgrade your lens care accessories, feel free to refer back to this guide in 2022 for products worth trying. Here’s to clearer vision and better eye care experience!