Clear Vision: Top Contact Lens Options of 2021

In a world of over 7.7 billion ⁣people, eyesight is an intimate‍ human ⁣experience as varied as it gets. From those blessed with⁣ 20/20 vision, to those leaning on the‍ crutch of carriers such⁣ as glasses, to people who slip on the nearly invisible film of wonder we call‍ contact lenses⁤ — we all behold the world through‌ different lenses. Speaking⁢ of ⁣contact lenses in particular, they’ve swiftly evolved from being an ocular aid to​ being a⁣ fashionable accessory. This blog post will dive into this realm deeper than ever, exploring the myriad products that revolve around the magic spot‍ of ‘contact lenses’. So, put your reading glasses aside, or adjust your ‍contacts, as we ‍set our sights on these fascinating visual aids.

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Soft⁤ Contact‍ Lenses Remover and Insertion ‍Tool, Contact Tweezers and Soft Silicone Scoop for Girls with Long Nails, Gift for Contact Lens New User (Green)

Clear Vision: Top Contact Lens Options ⁣of 2021

Our Contact Tweezers and Soft Silicone​ Scoop offers ‍a ⁤cleaner, safer⁤ and ⁣easier ⁤way to handle your contact lenses. Designed especially for ​girls with⁢ long nails, it significantly minimizes the risk of damaging ‌your delicate lenses during the insertion and removal process. ​Built with a soft silicone contact tip ​and ​stick, it ensures no harm comes‌ to your lenses during use. The tool features a unique tumbler design, protecting the silicone tip from making contact with​ the⁢ table surface, thereby maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your lenses. It’s compact and portable, easily slipping into your make-up bag for⁤ use anytime, anywhere.

While this⁢ tool offers great advantages,‍ it’s important to note a few points⁢ for ⁢maximum ⁣benefit.⁣ Prior to use,⁢ it’s recommended that you rinse the silicone tip to ⁣ensure optimal hygiene. This performance of‍ this tool ‍not only gives you⁤ a more seamless lens handling experience but​ also maintains higher sanitary standards compared to using ​your fingers⁤ directly. Girls with long nails, who often​ struggle to securely grasp and⁣ position⁣ contact​ lenses, ​will find this tool particularly useful. However, one must remember⁣ that this is not ⁣a ⁤substitute for proper‌ lens care and hygiene, rinsing and cleaning your lenses as ‍well as washing your ‍hands ​before lens insertion and removal are still crucial ⁢steps to follow.

Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution with⁢ Lens Case, Twin⁢ Pack,12‌ Fl Oz ⁤(Pack of 2)

Clear Vision: Top​ Contact ⁣Lens Options of 2021


The Triple Action Cleaning formula​ of this lens‍ care solution ⁣is highly recommended ‍by doctors. It uses the bubbling power⁤ of hydrogen ⁢peroxide to provide a deep clean that effectively removes dirt​ and protein⁢ deposits from your lenses. The unique lens case that comes with⁢ it⁣ aids in ⁢activating the bubbling⁤ process,⁣ and ‌also ​helps ⁢to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide into⁣ a harmless saline ⁤solution that⁤ mimics natural ‌tears, perfect‍ for ‍sensitive eyes. This makes it possible⁤ for your​ lenses⁢ to be so fresh, they feel like‍ new. It is remarkable for⁢ both soft and rigid (RGP) lenses. It’s important to note that no preservatives are included in the ⁢solution, which rules ⁣out the risk ‍of chemical-induced irritation​ in ⁤the eyes.⁤ This cleaning ​and disinfecting solution provides excellent protection against eye infections by eliminating harmful germs and bacteria that could be residing on⁤ your contact lenses.


While this product ‌is great for deep cleaning, one downside⁣ is the‍ mandatory waiting time. Lenses need to soak in the solution⁣ for at least 6 hours or overnight in order to let the hydrogen peroxide fully neutralize and avoid irritation upon re-insertion. Additionally, this process of cleaning‌ and disinfecting should not be rushed or skipped, meaning it might ⁣not be suitable for those with a hectic lifestyle or those who often⁤ forget to prepare their lenses‌ the night before. Furthermore, it’s imperative to‌ get rid of all excess solution in⁤ the case once the lenses have been cleaned to prevent ⁢any potential ‌eye discomfort. Moreover, the solution can’t be reused and the lens case⁣ must remain unopened for up to⁣ 7‌ days.⁢ Also, you should never‌ put the Clear Care Solution directly in ⁣or around your eyes.

OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool. ‌It Will Help Pinch The Soft Lens. This is not a Suction Cup for Soft Lens‌ Removal

Clear⁣ Vision: Top Contact Lens ⁢Options of 2021

The ‌ OptiWand ​Lens Tool is a practical solution for inserting ⁤and removing your soft contact lenses. Even though ‍it is not designed as ⁢a suction cup for soft lens removal, ⁢it works efficiently to hold the lens ‌until ⁣it is ⁤placed on the⁢ cornea. Put the lens on the​ wand and look⁤ at the center hole to align the lens properly. When the lens touches ⁣the eye surface, twist the wand slightly to ⁤release the lens​ from the wand. Remember,‍ the process of inserting​ the lens must be done ‌quickly to avoid the lens sticking ⁢to the wand. Lenses must be pinched out, and⁣ cannot be suctioned⁤ out due to their soft and delicate composition.

Despite its advantageous functionality,⁢ the OptiWand requires some adaptability with its use. The mechanism is different from fingers, thus it ⁤may take some time to avoid the same ‍mistakes made by nearly all users. But once mastered, it can ​make the lens insertion and⁤ removal much smoother. Additional tips include using an extra lubrication for an easier transfer, ⁤with few drops placed between the lens and the wand and applying eye drops before insertion. This is an ideal tool for people ‍struggling with lens application, demanding both patience and practice ⁣for optimal usage. Here are some of ⁤its pros and cons for⁢ you to⁣ consider:

  • Pros:
  • Assists‍ in⁣ both lens insertion and removal
  • Designed to hold the lens ⁤securely⁢ before placement on cornea
  • Better control ‍and alignment during insertion
  • Cons:
  • Takes practice and ​patience to master
  • Cannot suction soft lenses for removal
  • Quick insertion required to prevent lens sticking ‍to ⁢the wand


Q: What contact lens options‌ are available in ⁤2021?

A: The top contact lens options of 2021 include‌ Soft Contact Lenses Remover and⁢ Insertion Tool, Contact Tweezers ‌and Soft Silicone ⁣Scoop for ‌Girls with Long‌ Nails, Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution with Lens Case, and OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion ​and Removal Tool.

Q: What products can be recommended for new ⁣contact⁢ lens‌ users?

A: It’s suggested that new users start with a‌ gift ⁤set like the Soft⁣ Contact ⁤Lenses Remover and Insertion Tool. It includes ​a pair of contact tweezers and⁤ a soft silicone⁤ scoop,⁢ which are especially useful for girls with ⁤long nails.

Q: How do ⁣I clean my contact‍ lenses properly?

A:⁢ The Clear ⁤Care Cleaning ⁢& Disinfecting Solution is ⁣an excellent‌ choice⁢ for cleaning‌ and disinfecting your contact lenses. ⁢It comes with ⁣a specially designed lens case and is available in twin packs, ​ensuring you have a sufficient supply.

Q:⁤ Can you‌ suggest a tool to help with putting in and⁣ taking out soft⁢ contact ‌lenses?

A: The ⁣OptiWand Soft Contact Lens‌ Insertion and Removal Tool is ⁢designed ​to make⁣ the process of inserting⁤ and removing ⁤contact lenses ⁣easier and safer. However, it’s important to ⁣note‍ that this tool is not a suction cup for soft lens removal.

Q: I ​have long ‌nails and struggle with​ putting in and ⁢taking out my contact lenses. What should I ​use?

A: ‍If⁣ you have⁣ long nails, the Soft‌ Contact Lenses ⁢Remover and Insertion‍ Tool ​is ideal.⁤ It comes⁤ with contact tweezers and a soft silicone scoop, which‌ are designed⁢ to minimize the‌ risk of scratching or damaging your eyes‍ while ‍handling your lenses.

Q: What’s ⁢the advantage of using the OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool?

A: This tool is specially designed to help ‘pinch’ the soft lens, therefore⁣ facilitating⁤ the process of both insertion and removal of the contact lens. This makes it an especially useful tool for anyone⁤ who struggles with this aspect of lens wear.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we draw​ the curtain on this eye-opening exploration of 2021’s top ⁤contact lens options,‌ remember that⁣ the best option for you will always depend ⁤on your unique needs, habits and​ comfort levels. ‍Whether⁤ you’re a long-nailed goddess in need of a​ helping hand, or a hygiene-focused individual looking‍ for a top-notch cleaning solution, there’s an option for you. Or perhaps you’re⁢ in search of a seamless insertion ⁢and removal process? ​There’s a tool for⁤ that too. As we say goodbye, keep in mind‍ that‌ clear vision is⁣ never out of sight with the right tools and solutions. Choose with care, treat your⁤ eyes with respect and command the clarity you deserve. After all, the world is yours to‌ see.